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Student fees should be paid in the Main Office by the end of August; cash or check (payable to Kaimuki High School): Class Dues: $8.00School fees: $10.00Optional Fees: Sports Activity Book: $25.00Year Book: $50.00Class Shirts are available in the Student Activities Center: Freshmen: $9.00Sophomores: $10.00Juniors: $20.00Seniors: $18.00 Wednesday, September 6, 2017, - , Front of School The KHS Student Government, in cooperation with the Blood Bank of Hawaii is seeking donors for their Blood Drive #1.

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The Japanese observance of o-bon — Hawaii shortens the word to "bon" — honors the spirits of family members who have passed away.

You'll find o-bon festivals slated for just about every weekend at Hawaii hongwanji missions and temples, from June through August.

Thank you for a very Happy Birthaversariakkah handsome Husband and loving family. I got up early to make chocolate fudge dreidles with the mold we got as a gift from my younger sister, boo.

We’ll make brownies later with the other molds she sent. Whenever I cook for the Jewish holidays it makes me think of my mom, especially when I make chopped liver. She used a hand grinder to combine the liver and eggs and onions.

O-bon festivals are best known for group dances known as bon-odori.

The dance differs depending on the Japanese prefecture of origin, but generally involves dancers circling around a high wooden scaffold called a yagura (pictured, below) while swaying to the rhythms of folk songs and other music.

Here’s a master list of Oahu eateries that have since closed their doors, collected from numerous online discussion boards, an old Polk Directory, Bob Sigall’s fantastic The Companies We Keep, as well as references from personal family, friends and coworkers.