There were some years in the middle, eight or nine of them, when I didn't collect e-mail addresses at shows.

It was a pain in the ass, one more thing to carry, and anyway the proliferation of online platforms made it start to seem quaint.

) are a widely distributed and diverse clade of aquatic mammals that today consists of the whales, dolphins, and porpoises. There are around 89 extant species, which are divided into two groups or parvorders, the Odontoceti or toothed whales, a group of more than 70 species that includes the dolphins and porpoises, and the Mysticeti or baleen whales, of which there are now 15 species.

But the current relief isn’t a result of Dallas affluence ditching its Bermuda grass lawns for cacti, or because Austin developers stopped sprouting up condos on Lamar Ave like bluebonnets in April — it was just a good, long rain.

A rain that eventually flowed underground to the Edwards Aquifer: an unusual resource that buttresses the region’s ecosystem and the water needs of nearly two million residents, including a system of springs providing Texans with chilly relief from their oldest foe: the summer sun.

Ragged Anthem (For Chris Dombrowski) Carrying your poems loose in the open back of a tube amplifier, the torn leather handle replaced with a length of cheap brown extension cord tied off in a half hitch, I process the cattle-chute of Denver airport.

Smoked out, beat, rolling an unsure living back and forth under my tongue like a stone that does not slake but merely bides thirst, I move through the sunlit canyons of hustle and desire.

The extinct ancestors of modern whales are the Archaeoceti.

While cetaceans were historically thought to have descended from mesonychids, molecular evidence supports them as a relative of Artiodactyls (even-toed ungulates).Even though once considered taboo, depression is a common theme in cinema and so is a central subject in many great films.This list narrows the huge spectrum of unhappiness by limiting it to endogenous depression and that caused by traumatic experiences, bad relationships, or anxiety.However, most of the films are mostly concerned with realism and characters rather than dramatic stories that serve as justification for depression.Alternating between writer Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman in her Oscar winning role) in 1923 (and in the introduction 1941), housewife Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) in 1951 and the modern, independent New Yorker Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep) in 2001, the three protagonists are interlinked by Woolf’s novel “Mrs. While Virginia writes it in her sections, Laura reads it and is influenced by it in hers and Clarissa seems to be the embodiment of the novel’s character herself, as highlighted when her best friend and former lover Richard (Ed Harris), a poet living with AIDS, frequently calls her “Mrs.Now I wish I had carried on doing what we all did in the prior century and asked for everyone's physical mailing address all these years, so I could just send a postcard when I was coming to town.