In other words, both Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer use Active X Windows codes to run the same spell check.

When the Windows Active X needs to run optimally is present, everything is smooth sailing on your computer.

However, it's easier than you might think for your add-ons to get out of date or corrupted, which can cause errors in your computer such as: Determine the cause of these errors and update your Active X Windows 7, XP or Vista with the Active Test Wizard! Whatever you do, don't search for Microsoft Active X updates willy-nilly.

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Microsoft provides this exclusive product for Internet Explorer as a tool for frequent users to avoid a drop in their computer's performance by keeping up to date with their web mechanisms.

However, updating and maintaining these browser controls is essential to the majority of PC users, whether they regularly use Internet Explorer or not.

They also leave your computer open to cyber criminals, who can take advantage of old security holes to spy on your computer or send malware over your Internet connection.

A fast, simple use of our Test Wizard now can save you endless frustration in the future.

EXE runs in its own memory space, it can crash without causing the container to crash.

A DLL runs "in process," sharing the same memory space as the container.If you've ever experienced your browser suddenly crashing or slowing down, you may have heard that installing Active X can solve the problem.But you might be wondering "What is it and what does it have to do with my ability to surf the Internet?What if a better and faster PC required simply a few moments of your time? The free, fast and easy-to-use Active Test Wizard analyzes the current status of your Windows Active X and explains how to adjust these add-ons in order to improve your computing experience.Click "Test Now" to begin and rely on us to help you with any questions you have about the process at Call 1-855-929-2199. Every time you need red paint on a new portrait, you go out and buy a different brand of red paint, even though you have red paint already.Whenever you need to access the Microsoft website for any update or add-on for Windows, you must use Internet Explorer.