The bootdisk should support most of the more usual disk controllers, and it should auto-load most of them. More or less tested from NT3.5 up to Windows 8.1, including the server versions like 2003, 20. and cannot be recovered unless you remember the old password again If you don't know if you have encrypted files or not, you most likely don't have them. It may be best to print these instruction and then follow from that printed copy—and print from the version on the web site resource URL perhaps too in case they update something with it since after my post here.

(except maybe on corporate systems) Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and the version history below before emailing questions to me. Previous versions may sometimes be found here (also my site) NOTE: Versions before 0704xx will corrupt the disk on VISTA/win7/8! But most of the problems is of the type "cannot find" something. This is the detail that explains what options to pick once the bootdisk starts booting to find and point to the internal hard drive and pick the current Windows OS objects to blank out the LOCAL user accounts on that Windows OS on the hard drive.

My friend from Chennai, had a CASUAL relationship with her; however, he was thinking that this girl was really in love with him and he really wanted to marry her.

Turns out, she and her family plotted something else, and now Rehana Hussain is married to somebody else, and this is what they did: They went to Annanagar police station in Chennai and filed a false FIR/case against my client.

However, the court has taken note of the chat transcripts, the mobile calls, text messages, etc., and this Hussain family is going to face the music when they come to the court. Regards, Raj Agnihotri Private Investigator Chennai I agree that is a big scam and I had doubts that several of the profiles who accepted my interest never revealed anything about themselves and slowly faded away by deleting their accounts/ email addresses and phone numbers Friends, Please report all fake / fraud profiles at the below post.

She promised to marry me and we were almost in a livein relation. She never wanted me to talk to her family about our relation, she said when the time will come we will get married. Even if she agree to marry you your case remain firm to not marring you. Thank you all..I concur with what you think I am... Yes I informed my family that I am in contact with a girl from

After this incident I have been in lot of pain and trauma which affected my work also. Recently I meet his parents (Mom and Brother) but now they just want me to stop calling there numbers and forget her as she just meet me as a friend.

Because i never thought she had just came in my life for a time pass. ok, now you can take legal action against her and lodged an FIR against her for 1. This is what she is telling her parents now that she is just a friend of mine and I am just over obsessed. Its been 3 months now and still she is all over me...

The walkthrough and instructions is now on its own page! from the list of usernames it finds, type the name of the account you'll change (e.g. from the next list, it'll tell you if the account is disabled, expired, etc.

so you know what you'll need change to reset it for specifically to ensure you can sign on with it afterwards when booted back to Windows d.

So I went ahead and informed my parents about it and they are OK with this relation. Manoj Thank you very much your sugestion is what I was looking for from this forum.