Throughout the process, I have given the event several nicknames such as “The Gathering” (because I envision this to feel like a gathering, not a show) and “No Expectations” (because I hope people arrive completely free of expectations, and ready for a new experience).

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A kid from school found the directions last minute (it was a secret and you needed a special code to get directions from the map point)… I drove there in a car PACKED with friends, and we parked on the street outside.

When we got out of the car, you could hear the bass booming in the distance…

If this album becomes Migos' most successful — as it most likely will — it won't be because the group made changes for their new audience.

Culture might sound a little more polished than previous Dat Piff mixtape releases, but the music is just as unwieldy, fun and hilariously raunchy as before.

I want to re-create the atmosphere of an ‘old-school rave’ or warehouse party – gathering within a nondescript room, which has been transformed and repurposed into a temple for an all-night underground dance ceremony – a true celebration, not a show.

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