All these are types of psychological and emotional abuse.’ Mr Jusoh insisted that not allowing men to have more than one wife also constitutes as a form of abuse.

In Malaysia Muslim men are allowed to have as many as four wives.

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In fact, in the same survey, Malaysia ranks in the bottom eight countries of least sexually satisfied countries. 74% of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week Facts say that 74% of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week, putting our country in the Top 10 list compiled worldwide ranked according to percentage; to be more exact No.

7 after Greece , Brazil, Russia, China, Italy and Poland. 1.7 MILLION MALAYSIAN MEN SUFFER FROM “MATI PUCUK” Datuk Nancy Ho, President of The Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia revealed the fact that about 1.7 million Malaysians aged 40 and above are facing problems with having their little soldier stand up at full attention. 1.7 million Malaysians aged 40 and above suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). MALAYSIAN HUSBANDS ARE ALLOWED TO “RAPE” THEIR WIVES?!

What’s more, he said this in parliament during a debate on domestic violence.

The 58-year-old said: ‘Even though men are said to be physically stronger than women, there are cases where wives hurt or abuse their husbands in an extreme manner.

Several students said they had seen the ghostly figure in the canteen, the hall and classrooms, reported the The school, Kelantan which has 1,044 students and 84 teachers, re-opened on Sunday after authorities brought in Islamic traditional experts, scholars and witch doctors in a bid to rid the school of the problem.

But reports of the screaming and shouting continued, according to : “When I was holding one of the pupils, my arms felt extraordinarily heavy.

Another teacher, Kamariah Ibrahim, she said she tried to recite verses from the Qur’an when she realised that she was losing control of herself.

“I saw a black figure, like it was trying to enter my body, but my colleagues were surrounding me, reciting verses from the Qur’an.

Malaysian women are beautiful, lovely and attractive.

When browsing the Internet, you will find that Malaysian ladies are much prettier, more sexy and refined in comparison with Thai and Filipino girls.

The “Face of Global Sex Report 2012” by Durex said that young people in Malaysia on average would encounter their first sexual experience at 23. 54% OF MALAYSIANS USE PROTECTION WHEN HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE The study also showed that Malaysia was one of the countries that practised safe sex, with a ranking of 13th among 37 countries surveyed globally. MALAYSIAN MEN ARE THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS OF VIAGRA The company, Pfizer Malaysia, said 40,000 Malaysians had been taking the anti-impotency pill regularly. MALAYSIAN WOMEN ARE THE MOST UNFAITHFUL LOVERS IN THE WORLD 39% of Malaysian women confessed that they have cheated on their partners before in the poll which covered 29,000 in 36 countries.