I am sure some of you have read about a security robot that can patrol large area 24 hours a day, taking over the duties of securities guards and can smell fires, detect faces and can even call an ambulance. She is still good at moderating quarrels especially among boys and girls.

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He flew a half-dozen times in his first six months, taking trips from his Denver home to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and various vacation paradises.

“I’m paying this amount of money and getting ,000 flights for free, that’s a good deal.” Over the last two years, Jet Smarter has earned a reputation as a fast-growing startup with a luxury product and investors to match.In return for a ,000 annual membership fee, plus a ,000 initiation charge, he could use the company’s mobile app to reserve flights on a private jet as often as he wanted.“You got the whole plane to yourself, which is great,” recalls Martz.The Great Falls Tribune's commitment to the public good through great journalism never wavers. We're now part of the USA TODAY NETWORK — uniting thousands of journalists representing more than 100 communities across the country.Together, we have the perspective, technology and connectivity to immerse you in stories from across the nation and around town like never before.A frequent participant in Seven 2’s Draw-Off art battle series, he has also done live art for Life Center Church, Grace Son Housing Foundation, Riverpoint Academy, Rainmaker Creative, Best of Spokane, Clearstory Gallery, and the Round Series at the Bartlett.