Back then I didn’t know how to hone in my energy and I was knocking over lights.

In a famous set of studies, female participants were randomly assigned to try on either a swimsuit or a sweater and complete a series of tasks.

Women in the swimsuit condition felt more body shame, which in turn led them to engage in more restrained eating (i.e., leaving part of a cookie behind rather than finishing it off, suggesting that they liked the cookie but felt guilty eating all of it).

If, not a long time ago, Shampane amazed me with her oral skills and her deep throat technique, I can say I am equally amazed by Masha’s hot tongue.

It is also good to know that she knows how to do it.

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So why would anyone voluntarily choose to objectify themselves?

The kind of objectification that Diaz is talking about is often referred to as sexual objectification.

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