This post will give you a starting point on what the ins and outs of bringing Filipino children along with their parent.

Children of a K-1 holder would be eligible for a K-2 visa if they plan on accompanying the parent, or plan to follow-to-join as long as: They are unmarried They are under age 21 Children of a CR-1 holder would be eligible for a CR-2 visa if they plan on accompanying the parent, or plan to follow-to-join as long as: The child is unmarried You married before the child turned 18 You filed the CR-2 petition before the child turned 21 Depending on who has custody of the child(ren) and your particular situation, the U. Embassy/Consulate may want to see evidence that the alien fiance or spouse has received the requisite permission to travel outside the country with his or her child(ren). Important Note: If you are planning to bring children of your fiance or spouse to the United States it will be up to your fiance or spouse to comply with their country’s custody requirements.

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Usually this is accomplished with a court order or a notarized letter written by the child’s other parent indicating his or her consent for the child to travel with the alien fiance or spouse. Even if the children are legally in your fiance’s or spouse’s custody they may be required to obtain a court order or written consent from the other parent for you to take the children out of their country.

If your fiance or spouse and their ex-spouse have joint custody and/or the children are legitimate and both biological parents are listed on the children’s birth certificates, you may require a court order allowing the children to immigrate to the US or a notarized document from the biological parents allowing the children to immigrate to the US. However, illegitimate children may use the surname of their father if their filiation has been expressly recognized by the father through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father.

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The act of recognizing an illegitimate by the father gives rise only for the opportunity to obligate the latter to give support to the child but it does not bestow upon the father the right to demand the custody of the child.

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