In fact, it’s possible that Terry Wogan himself had blocked it out of his memory – until Michael Mc Intyre decided to bring it up again on the first edition of his own chat show on Monday night. So much so, that he was left cringing as Mc Intyre dragged the clip up from the vaults and screened it to his own audience. Applicants that provide an email address will receive confirmation of their application submission, and notifications will be sent when updates, such as changing a test location or date, are made to their application online.

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I was wearing tight black trousers and black shoes. Men in the queue, wearing what I was wearing, got in no problem.

Women, wearing stilettos and short skirts, got in fine.

And then there was the entrance Nicolas Cage made as a guest on Terry Wogan’s chat show in the dim and distant past.

Yes, to the surprise of absolutely nobody the Oscar-winning actor really milked his moment in the spotlight when he appeared on the TV legend’s show in 1992 – somersaulting his way into the studio before throwing money at the audience. Another added: ‘Best thing to come out of Michael Mc Intyre’s show was the Nicolas Cage/Wogan clip. ’ Mc Intyre later suggested that his other guest, Lord Sugar, ought to make a similar entrance, although Wogan quipped: ‘Don’t count on him for a somersault.’ Meanwhile for those of you who missed the re-run of Cage madness – which has since been posted on You Tube – you can watch it above.

Enter the store’s new manager, uptight teacher-hopeful Christian Blake, and his four misfit college roommates from Noah Hadley’s house for wayward gay boys: reluctant landlord Noah, mysterious bad boy Max, vain jock Austin, and awkward gamer geek Rob.

The New York State Police will be holding a series of entrance examinations this fall.

The ensuing moment was welcomed by fans of the actor, several of whom commented on Twitter that the footage was the highlight of the show.

‘I just saw the clip of Nicolas Cage on the Terry Wogan chat show from way back when.

The first is often linked to the company's stated dress code and whether you're following 'the rules'.