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You Tube has become embroiled in the alleged equivalent of a vote-rigging scandal after a banal music clip became the most popular video in the site's history, in what many believe were suspicious circumstances.

The clip, which features a song by the Brazilian dance act Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS), was posted on the video-sharing site last year by an Italian blogger after he entered a competition run by an Italian music channel.

BAKERSFIELD, CA—Citing the frequent and unnecessary missives sent out at all hours of the day, sources confirmed Friday that the league representative from the company Bakersfield Sportz needed to cool it with all the emails.

HUDSON, NY—Saying he felt compelled to personally respond to the actions of a president he views as vicious and corrupt, local dipshit Scott Rudnick announced Thursday his intention to fight the Trump administration through his art.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA—All semblance of harmony lost in the maelstrom of books, electronics, and random keepsakes that lay before him, local man Ron Beck reportedly became grimly aware of what chaos he had wrought 20 minutes into organizing his bedroom shelves Wednesday.

FULLERTON, CA—Having grown up seeing few characters he could relate to on the big screen, local man Jake Champney, who once jumped a motorcycle onto a hijacked bullet train, told reporters Tuesday that he never thought he’d see the day when Hollywood would tell stories like his.

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A security researcher got an eyeful of a sex worker's client base when he investigated a Vo IP service whose "burner" phone numbers are being recycled.