Same sex marriage is now becoming legal in many states.

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Those in attendance included many family members, including Victor’s uncle, who is a Catholic priest and Macomb County pastor. Ronald Victor did not officiate but was there because, he told his nephew, the Catholic Church “needs more examples of gay holiness.”When Victor and Molina-Duarte attend mass every Sunday, the couple go to an east side Detroit Catholic church, where Bryan Victor’s mom and dad join them in the pew. It gives me a deep sense of community.”The practice of his Catholic faith, said Molina-Duarte, 29, a leadership coordinator for the Highland Park Ruth Ellis Center, which serves many LGBT youth, "is right and life-affirming for me."If it challenges things," said Molina-Duarte, "that’s more of an afterthought.”But the Catholic Church is being universally challenged from the pews to the pulpit, by the evolving ways society and many everyday Catholics include and welcome LGBT people.

In their shared Catholic faith, Victor and Molina-Duarte find spiritual sustenance. It was a year of triumph for the LGBT community because the U. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal throughout the country.

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Amanda Swarr, on left, and T Steele of Tacoma wait their turn to register as domestic partners in Olympia, WA on Monday, July 23, 2007.

Steele is wearing the lower part of a wedding dress worn by Swarr.

Decked out in a veil, the top half of a wedding gown and black leather pants, Amanda Swarr, 34, walked with her partner T Steele, 41, carrying a small sign that read: "When we get the rest of our rights, we'll wear the rest of the dress." The Tacoma couple said they own a home together and looked forward to registering, but the more than 400 other rights that come with marriage should not be overlooked. "I'm about to walk into the door for justice." "Twelve years and two grown kids -- it's about time, don't you think? "I'm hoping that in the future, people can do this on the front end of their commitment.

At this point, we feel like an old married couple," she said.

Currently, there are over 30 states that don’t allow same sex marriage under state law.