I want to convert them to smaller files, for archiving. You can get a smaller file if you choose a lower video bitrate and/or a lower audio bitrate. You have to play around with the video bitrate and video resolution to find your satisfiying result. If you have no experience with video compression it's a bit learning for you.

Though it's a little long in the tooth, mencoder was originally developed by the mplayer crew to work with AVI.

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The iconic XXXX brewery in Brisbane was filmed billowing thick black plumes of smoke during peak hour traffic.

If the former then you would need to add in a string- Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Black smoke was pouring out of the brewery in Milton, Brisbane, on Tuesday afternoon with up to 40 firefighters attempting to control the blaze, according to 9News.

The pictures show smoke filling the air on the corner of Black and Paten streets at 5pm.

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If I could go from 100Mo/min to about 6Mo/min that would be great. You have a couple of choices: 1) Reduce the size of the video.

The blaze was controlled by 6pm and all workers and staff had been evacuated safely, it was reported.