Magnifier has the following options: The available filters include: white/blue, yellow/blue, grayscale, yellow/black, and red/black.For each of these, you can press the Invert button to reverse the colors, and you can do this while in the live view or with a frozen image.

As the Spiritualist religious movement became prominent in the 1840s–1920s with a distinguishing belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by mediums, new technologies of the era including photography were employed by spiritualists in an effort to demonstrate contact with a spirit world.

So popular were such ideas that Thomas Edison was asked in an interview with Scientific American to comment on the possibility of using his inventions to communicate with spirits.

However, psychologists regard EVP as a form of auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in one's own language) and a pseudoscience promulgated by popular culture.

Rational explanations for EVP include apophenia (perceiving patterns in random information), equipment artifacts, and hoaxes.

With Magnifier, users who have low vision can use the great camera on their devices to enlarge the text in menus, pill bottles, and other items where they might need a little support for their vision to read the content.

Magnifier is found alongside Zoom (which enlarges onscreen content) in the Accessibility Settings.

Each filter also provides a set of sliders for adjusting the brightness and contrast as needed. Like the Alex voice, you will have to download each of these new voices before you can use it, but you can preview each voice before downloading it.

In addition to the pronunciation editor, Voice Over can take advantage of all the new voices for the Speech system in i OS 10: Allison, Ava, Fred, Susan, Tom and Victoria for U. These are just a few of the new accessibility features in i OS 10.

Once it is enabled, you can activate the Magnifier by triple-clicking the Home button.

While a number of existing apps such as Vision Assist and Better Vision provide similar functionality, having this functionality built into the OS should improve performance (through faster focusing, better clarity made possible by accessing the camera’s full native resolution, etc.).

Apple today released i OS 10, the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices such as the i Pad and i Phone.