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Aunties online now-13

Women with a chic sense of style who can school you on being confident.

Women working unconventional jobs who can broaden your perspective on your own career prospects.

Here is where Michael learned the skill of using the espresso machine (standing on milk crates for extra height), preparing and cooking meals and everything care related.

This was the beginning of something amazing Growing up, Michael was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing cooks such as his father a chef, grandmother also a chef and uncles and aunties who owned restaurant and bakeries around Sydney.

Along the way, Qamar also dispenses hilarious anecdotes, recipes and cultural observations.

You may have already come across Qamar as Hatecopy via her popular Instagram account (which has nearly 107,000 followers).After spending a decade in the corporate world, Michael discovered his passion has always been in food and began drafting a plan to open a café with his wife Mai Le.Armed with his mother's and grandmother's knowledge, recipes and guidance the husband and wife team began tinkering with his cafe concept.This month, the Toronto-based pop artist published the hand-dandy Trust No Aunty (Simon & Schuster).It’s essentially a guide for young South Asian diaspora women (and men) who find themselves in the crosshairs of two cultures – and intrusive aunties – and need advice on how to achieve their dreams without pissing everyone off.is a Tamil chat site for members who love to meet new online Tamil friends from all over the world or local chatters.