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The accolades were well deserved, but the fervor stirred up over these movies also touched on a certain, ongoing strain of shallow American exceptionalism.

Much like every idiot who says that movies aren’t as good as they used to be is clearly not paying attention to 98% of foreign films, the embrace of Pixar seemed to suggest an ignorance of a long line of underground and foreign animated movies.

Still, one wonders what would happen if they took the plunge and made a movie strictly for adults, or adapted something so seemingly impossible to calibrate in live-action as looks to be doing what Pixar never deigned to do, even if it’s tied to a lot of dick jokes and enough curse words to make George Carlin blush.

Not surprisingly, this year saw ecstatic audiences packing in for revival theatrical releases for ’s release later this week.

Well...because we are CLEAN, SIMPLE, FUN, and most of all.... We have four total chat rooms to choose from: Adult, Gay, Kids, and Teen.

Produced, written and voiced by Steve Dildarian, The Life & Times of Tim lasted for three seasons on HBO and served as the driest, wryest animated comedy to not feature H. The show revolved around Tim, a mid-20s nobody, navigating his life from one awkward situation to another, with guest voices from the likes of Aziz Ansari, Jeff Garlin, Bob Saget and Daniel Tosh.

Pixar’s ingenuity was in not condescending to children, to treat the audience as attentive, intelligent, and empathetic. When compared to something as thunderously political and visually astounding as , however, Pixar’s triumphs stopped at the water’s edge, rarely even grazing the sublime and the metaphysical.

Their movies remain joyous, rewarding, and often hilarious.

Also, entire time blocks, primetime or later, are now devoted to shows directed solely at adults.

Over the years, we've experienced a dissolution of the stigma once attached to animation and shows are now made available to kids on a 24/7 cable channel basis.

A 3D chat room is a 3D space integrated with different chat functions.