As an acknowledged expert on the intersection of sex, relationships and technology, I sometimes find myself conversing in what sounds like a foreign language.

In fact, a few weeks ago I was explaining to a group of fellow clinicians the need for them to understand what it means when a client looks at them and says something like: "I was doing J-Date on the DL and my wife didn't know because I kept it to sexts and i CU2.

“My experience with him was quite bad,” said Jacobson, who is now a Ph. candidate at UC San Diego in philosophy and cognitive sciences.

The experiment — involving a game of rock paper scissors — was designed to be programmed in Flash, a multimedia computer platform, but Holmes insisted on using an older program. I was at a loss to how to get him to program in an object-oriented way,” Jacobson said.

She even put a Net Nanny on my Droid." Most likely, if you're at all involved with life online, you deciphered at least the basics of this individual's situation -- he's cheating on his wife, one of his girlfriends is doing a modern-day impersonation of Glenn Close in and his wife is catching on to the fact that he may not be holding up his end of their marital fidelity pact.

But were you able to decode the entirety of his statement?

Accused movie shooter James Holmes wasn’t always the whip-smart whiz kid he’s being made out to be, at least according to one former supervisor. John Jacobson helped guide Holmes during a 2006 summer internship at the University of California’s prestigious Salk Institute in San Diego and said the suspected gunman in the Colorado movie theater massacre was thickheaded, uncommunicative and irresponsible. This is extremely inaccurate.” Holmes’ high school transcripts showed B’s and B pluses, and no Advanced Placement classes, Jacobson told the Times.

“He should not have gotten into the summer program,” Jacobson, 37, told the Los Angeles Times. He was accepted because his résumé indicated he had done some computer programming while he was a student at Westview High School in San Diego, Jacobson said.

Jennifer Schneider.) •Apps: Apps are software that can be downloaded onto smartphones and other digital devices.

Apps can help users find restaurants, play games, listen to music, access porn, find a sexual partner, etc.

But then I scoped AM and suddenly I was IRL with every MILF in town. Plus, I've got this cyberstalker chopping bunnies in my kitchen.