In fact, the film is altogether anti-technology, despite how it looks on the surface.

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rapper 50 Cent, will join "Spy," once known as "Susan Cooper." Mc Carthy plays Cooper, the titular CIA analyst who heads out into the field for the first time.

It's unclear how Jackson will factor into the plot of the film, but THR reports that the rapper-actor will play himself.

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Melissa Mc Carthy's spy comedy has a new name and a new, unlikely costar.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Curtis Jackson, a.k.a.

Figuring out the logistics of how this fictional society came to be—a society where emotions don't exist and people who catch feelings are treated or, if beyond treatable, committed in an asylum—isn't the point of the movie.

Hoult and Stewart give exceptional performances as Silas and Nia, and it's the authenticity of their performances that makes , as Doremus put it, an emotional film rather than an intellectual one.

(starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult), in which two coworkers in a dystopian, feelingless world end up falling for each other and learn to love when loving is the most dangerous thing you can do.