This Tutorial will hopefully help anyone looking to create a cheap RTSP viewer for themselves or clients.

I had to create this for a resturant client that wanted to see certain points of his resturant while he was rolling out pizza dough. Download win32diskimager 3. After writing the img file to the sd card and booting up the pi, go to terminal window. After your pi reboots, omxplayer and screen need to be installed.

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Main Items---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Omxplayer is the program that will display the feeds.

However, omxplayer can only display one stream per console session. At the bottom of the document there are More scripts for more cameras and different configurations.

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To overcome this we use screen to run omxplayer in “windowed mode” 9. This program will allow us to remotelymanage our pi and allow us to copy and paste, saving lots of time. Type the ip address you gave your pi in the ip address bar. If everything went correctly a shell window should open asking for your Username. I recommend experimenting with this script first, then moving into more complex screen mapping.

By default the pi is configured to operate in DHCP mode. Before copying this Make sure your pi is on a wired connection, NOT WIFI.

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