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[Read: 5 signs you’re addicted to porn, and 15 ways to get over it] Whatever the level of interest, there has been a point in the porn-watching career of all guys when they’ve admired the performance of one of the male members *pun quite intended! The women on film appear to enjoy it – more than is actually humanly possible, it seems – with a torrent of joy-fueled expletives, screams, and rasping sighs.

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Even before the film formally opened noted fashionistas have been swarming to adopt modern versions of Marie Antoinette's hair, beauty and fashion trends.

Fashion and jewels aside, Marie Antoinette was famous for her extravagant three foot high coifs that were often outrageously adorned with feathers, miniature sculptures of ships and an array of glittering opulent jewels.

Whilst their bodies are on professional pornographic autopilot mode, their minds are probably going through the shopping list or what color they next want to paint the dining room in.

Porn actresses are not real women, at least not on film, and their personal sexual preferences are not even similar to their onscreen personas.

To achieve the big hair, the royal hairdressers would use layers and layers of padding along with pomades and other styling products to lift the young Austrian born queen's hair several feet into the air. It turns out that the Queen was unhappily married to her husband, Louis XVI.

Consequently she chased away her boredom by shopping. Spending lavishly on the latest fashions, jewels and adornments, she exceeded her clothing allowance every year to the horror of the French court and citizens.

It’s even become a universally recognised ‘wanker’ hand sign.

If you can’t master this one you getter go back to making daisy chains...6.

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